Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Urban Art Walking Tour in Paris France

Here are some walking tours in Paris France to see local urban artists.

Have you been curious what French urban art looks like? Want to walk the streets of Paris and check out some urban art? I have put together an itinerary for you to do just that!

The following Google Map has a walking tour in the 5th Arrondisement of Paris that will show you some local urban artists' work. note, the exact locations vary... as over time, things get painted over, and the redone, and new stuff appears. That is the point of urban art. It is impermanent. You will just have to do the walk and see what is there today.

Google Map of 5th Urban Art Walking Tour 

Other Option:

The following website is a MUST SEE if you’re interested in Paris urban art.  This website is run by an organization in Paris that is trying to bring more attention to one simple fact that most people don’t know: there used to be a small stream that ran through the south side of Paris; in the 5th and 13th arrondissments.  It has been covered up, but in its day this stream was named La Bièvre.

In order to highlight where La Bièvre used to flow this group, aptly named “Les Arts de la Bièvre” has commissioned many art projects along its route by tons of urban street artists in Paris.  So anywhere you see a piece commissioned by this group you know that the river used to run just there.  They have circuits, or maps/guides, to where you can go to see the urban art along the old route of La Bièvre.

As you walk about the 5th and 13th, look for the lizard symbol painted on each stop. Why a lizard? It’s a play on the word “Les Arts” which sounds, when pronounced, a lot like “Lézards” ("Lizards" in French).  This little Lizard logo can be seen among the urban art in the locations which reside along the old route of La Bièvre; it's basically to draw attention to the fact that there used to be a river here (and probably still is underground...).

Check out the La Bièvre Website:


**Photo Credit: Flickr CC - Some rights reserved by gmargue

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