Thursday, July 1, 2010

Building a School and Well for Water in a Maassai Village in Kenya

A group has come together to start a 5-year project to raise money to build a school, and a well for clean water, for a Maasai village in Kenya.

The goal is simple: build a new primary school, dig a well for water, and offer medical supplies and clothing to the children.

A year ago my husband and I went to Kenya and Tanzania for a month on our honeymoon. His sister has visited a specific Maasai village several times, and helped them with food for the children. She has worked with a local who has lived there in that community, helping them, for 20 years. We have visited with the Maasai as well on two of our visits to Kenya (we have gone a couple times) - we found them to be such a wonderful community of people.

Adventures4Action is helping a village near Loitokitok, in the shadow of Mt. Kilimanjaro. What a magical location, and what magical people. They are kind, interesting, and full of traditions. The head Maasai warrior, some day destined to be the village leader, told of his work and endeavors to eradicate and phase out female circumcision, yet to do so while maintaining their other important cultural traditions. The goal, for him, was to modernize where it was needed without losing contact with those fundamental cultural ties that bonded them as a community.

The current school itself is just a stick and mud hut, half of which was covered with tin, the other half uncovered. There were two teachers for 100+ students, two chalkboards, and they were almost out of chalk. They are in need of a new primary school where students will have better access to learning.

You can help this village build their new school by donating to Adventures4Action, a non-profit based on Paris, France, and which is a fully 100% volutneer organization, so 100% of your money will go directly to the village, and help the children there have a new school.

You can learn more about supporting this great cause here:

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