Monday, February 21, 2011

Bollyfood Paris

On a somewhat hidden street you will find the Bollyfood center in Paris.
Upon entering this covered passage way you will suddenly feel you have been transported to India! Each side is lined with Indian restaurants, Indian spice shops, Indian trinket shops, and even Indian barber shops. This street is called Passage Brady.

This covered avenue is of the Paris long-gone, and you're sure to fulfill all your Indian cravings here; whether they be of the edible or incense kind.

If you are a curry nut and love to cook it at home then the spice shops on this street will fulfill any shopping list you may have. From the usual curry and spices to the extremely rare, these shops have shelves upon shelves of ingredients for any Indian recipe in existence. We even found one Indian spice that at first we thought said "Ass Hot", and then we realized that 'ass' was short for assorted.  It brought us a nice chuckle nonetheless.

If you would prefer that someone else cook your curry dish for you then Passage Brady is still your headquarters. You will see many Indian restaurants, often with a server on the street trying to talk you into their establishment over the one right next door.

We went to the one on this street (# 84) that is renown by all as the best Indian restaurant in this area, even by some as the best in Paris: Le Passage de Pondichery.

In our group we had the ultimate expert: an expat from India. We also had in our group one person who had lived here and tried every restaurant on the street. Both raved about this place and said it was the best in Paris. That is certainly a good enough recommendation for me!

The staff is very friendly, and groups of 12-16 can even be seated upstairs in their second room. The menu is full of the usual favorites in any Indian restaurant. The food came promptly, and everything everyone ordered was fantastic.

So whether you cook your own Indian delights or like to order out this street will take care of any Bollyfood cravings you have.

What to do After: Check out the 'Porte St. Denis' (The gate of St. Denis) is an original city gate built in 1672. It allowed entry into Paris when the fortified wall around the city still existed. It is still in its original place, and you won't miss it as soon as you exit the metro of Strasbourg-Saint Denis on lines 8 and 9.

Metro: Strasbourg-Saint Denis, lines 8 and 9.

**Photo Credit: Flickr CC - Some rights reserved by alainalele

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