Sunday, December 18, 2011

The Santa Race in Paris France Not to Be Missed!

The Paris Santa Race is the running event NOT to be missed! Imagine 10,000 Santas running the streets of Paris; Children lining the streets in awe.

Paris has many races each year, all worthy of your pain and sweat. There is La Parisienne, which takes place each September, and is an all-women’s race for breast cancer. There is also the Paris marathon, the Paris half-marathon, and the Paris to Versailles races. But, that’s not all...there is the not-to-be-missed race which is coming up this mid-December:

La Corrida de Noël!

I went to see this race for the first time in 2005...just to check it out. They had the jazzercise warm up prior to the race; as one will see at most races. Only this was jazzercise being done by the entire cast of Rudolf the Red-nose Reindeer. A sight not to be missed is Santa Clause doing jumping jacks and leg-lifts.

Then after the race started I waited along the side-lines to cheer the runners on. Just imagine thousands upon thousands of Santa Clauses taking to the streets of Paris. Okay. Okay. It is true that there are also a few reindeer, a sleigh or two, Miss Clauses thrown into the mix, and we even saw the A-team running with their card-board van. Then I next saw several people dressed up as Christmas packages, as worker elves, and one guy dressed up as a Santa-drag-queen special. One guy is known for running it each year with a fully lighted Christmas tree on his back...and he makes pretty good time!

But, I had as much fun watching the colorfully dressed runners go by as I did watching the spectators...especially the young ones. There are all these little children lining the streets with their faces all a-glow. Imagine seeing not just one Santa Clause this holiday season, but thousands that run past you, and they give you a high-five on their way! Children love this race!

Move over Printemps-xmas-windows and bring on the Santa Race. I coin-phrased this race as "nightmare-before-xmas-meets-santa-on-steroids."

If you’re interested in going to see, or better yet running in, this race, then go to this link to get more information...and get your elf costume ready!

Race site for registration:

Meetup running group:

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