Sunday, January 20, 2013

Starting our Own Mini United Nations Through International Adoption

I am now 40 years old, and as long as I can remember, long before “Brangelina" made it popular, I wanted to do international adoption and to have a multicultural family.

I grew up in a small US town. When I was a child I had a friend who had been adopted from Korea. That piqued my interest, and the more I learned about it the more I felt certain that one day I would do an international adoption too. There are so many children in the world that need a good home, and I never had the ‘tick tock’ of a biological clock and did not even really want to be pregnant. Luckily my husband is supportive of sustainability initiatives and his cousins (French) adopted a child from Brazil, and he thinks adoption is a great idea. So once I was completed with my doctoral studies (and his second master degree) we decided it might be time to start a family. So, here we are, starting the process.

It is no small order to do an international adoption. Due to new laws and processes it is extremely time consuming and one is required to jump through many hoops of fire. But, we figure all the paperwork and hassle is the pregnancy without the stretch marks.

We have started by short-listing all the countries we would be interested in adopting from. We feel that it is important to feel some kind of affinity to the country the child is from, so that we will be interested in visiting that country and making its culture a part of our lives. We think it essential for our future adopted child to continue a connection to their identity and to feel proud of their heritage.

We are already an international (French-American) couple, and having both lived abroad in 3 different countries has afforded us the wonderful opportunity of forming connections and amazing friendships with people from all over the world.

We love the diversity of our marriage as well as our friendships, and we are really excited to start our own mini-United-Nations.

Image from Flickr CC: Some rights reserved by United Nations Photo

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