Friday, March 1, 2013

Ecuador It Will Be!

After a lot of deliberation, and getting more information on the in-country requirements and time to adopt, we have finally chosen one program and country: We will be adopting from Ecuador with Illien Adoptions International. WOOT! :)

It is an expensive program, and we really waffled due to that. It is more expensive than others we looked at. In fact, it was the most expensive one we looked at save one other. But we had a good feeling about them and plan to give it a go, and then later when we do another adoption (probably with HeartSent in Taiwan for the second one), we will be curious to compare services, time, response, etc., between the two agencies.

I traveled in Ecuador for 5 weeks in 2001 and loved it, so I am excited to be adopting from there and to have a chance to go back again. Our in-country time for the adoption could last as long as 8 weeks, so we will have time to really enjoy our time there.

We opened champagne to celebrate having chosen a country.

Now on to the paperwork…the labor-pains of international adoptions.

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