Wednesday, April 2, 2014

A Sad Day

We had been hoping to adopt this 3 year old boy, but we have been told he was adopted by someone else before our dossier could get approved.

Our agency sent us his referral last summer July 2013 and we accepted it.

Our dossier is taking some time to get approved. And, our agency has dropped the ball and delayed on several things. So, we have lost at least 3-months time in the process due to that.

In the end, those misteps have delayed our process, and it has taken too long. Our agency called us to tell us that the little boy we had hoped to adopt has been adopted to another couple.

At first we could not believe it. How could this happen? How could our agency let that happen?

It is amazing how attached you can become to just an idea. Just a photo. Just a thought. We never met him. We only had a photo and a little information about him. But we had gotten attached to the idea.
I am resilient, and have bounced back enough to at least not be too depressed about it. My husband is having a harder time with that.

We just feel like our flame for this process got doused with water. Sploosh. Fizzle.

I used to get excited to pass children’s things in the market or at a store. We started to buy things. Cute pants for little boys. Funny children’s T-shirts. Now we do not know if we will even need them in that size or for that age.

Now I avoid those isles at the store. I try to not think about it.

Friends around us are getting pregnant left and right. But we are still waiting.

Any of you waiting as we have to start a family. You know how we feel.

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