Sunday, May 25, 2014

Finally Approved - Though, it is Bitter-Sweet.

We were finally approved to adopt in Ecuador. It took 6 months!

Our dossier was submitted last September. What, you might ask, could take so long?

It took 6 months from the time we submitted our dossier to approval because the adoption committee in Ecuador kept asking for more and more documents. In December, the end of January, and again in early April they asked that we submit more paperwork.

Some of the items were things our agency should have caught. They dropped the ball a bit on several things, which delayed our process. Each of the delays drug the process out at least 3-4 months longer than it should have been. And, that delay, sadly, meant, we missed on the chance to adopt a little boy we were hoping to adopt.

It is a little bitter-sweet to finally be approved, as we had been hoping to adopt that little 3-year old boy, but at least now, finally, we are approved. So now our file/dossier will be transferred to the 2nd committee they have: the one that assigns children to families.

So now we have asked to be assigned a sibling group. We have no idea how long that could take...

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