Sunday, March 1, 2015

Back on Track

Seems we are back on track finally to adopt again... after many hiccups this year due to moving back to the US from abroad.
Since we moved from one country to another, we had to get an updated home study. Only, my husband isn’t American, so he had to first get a green card, and we could not complete the home study until he had his new green card.

So then we were struggling with the long waits and loads of paperwork that the immigration process requires (as if the adoption hadn’t already been enough!), which took almost a year to the day from when we applied for his green card. One year for him to get his green card. That is just crazy disorganization in the US immigration process! But, in December 2014 he finally had approval for the green card.

So, in January and February 2014 we finalized our new home study, and, now, March 2014, we are getting that sent off to Ecuador to update our application there.

We are still bummed about the referral on the little boy that didn’t work out a year ago... but, at least, it seems we are finally back on track to be ready for accepting a new referral on a child, and hopefully adopting.

There are days when we ask ourselves ‘Why did we do this??”. It is a very complex, long, and stressful process.

I watched that movie with Jennifer Lopez called “What to Expect When Expecting”. It was absurdly inaccurate! They made it look like her adoption from Ethiopia was so easy... a few papers, quick visit with the social worker, and voila, a cute little healthy boy within 9 months of starting. NOBODY in adoption has that experience. It is so unrealistic, and I felt they did a disservice to all that adoptive parents DO go through by trivializing the process so inaccurately.

Well, enough of my soapbox for today...

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