Monday, August 10, 2015

DIY Nourishing Lip Balm

This is an easy to make nourishing lip balm recipe made with all natural ingredients. Add in colors and voila, you have the perfect holiday gifts for friends and family.
I will put the links at the bottom of this page that I used to help me create/design this lip balm recipe. I adjusted them slightly for several reasons - one being that I did not want the lip balm to be too hard, so wanted to reduce the amount of beeswax in it. I also like beeswax to not be the main ingredient, as then the lip balm feels too waxy on my lips. I also wanted it to have several healing and nourishing ingredients to help my lips stay smooth and soft in the harsh winter weather here in upstate NY.

This is an all natural lip balm. You could eat it if you want. I did not add in flavoring, but you easily could, and then it would taste good to!

This recipe will make about 8 small lip balm pots, each nearly full if you do not fill any one of them too much. Otherwise it makes 6-7 very full pots.


10 g beeswax
10g cocoa butter
10g shea butter
10g coconut oil - the solid type with melting point of 76 degrees

Carrier Oils
10g avocado oil (or macadamia oil, or even olive oil would probably work)
10g sweet almond oil (yes, I know, these are liquids, but I just weigh them)
1g Vegetable glycerin (about 10 drops)

Essential oils
     I used the following:
20 drops lavender oil (or use Peppermint oil)
10 drops tea tree (melanuca) oil
10 drops of rose hip oil
1g vit E (I add this in last, when it cools a little)


For a white/pink light shimmer color:
1 1/2 tsp of Mica Pearl White powder
1/4 tsp of Ultramarine Pink Powder
1/8 tsp of Iron Oxide Red Powder

For a red shimmery color:
1 tsp of Iron Oxide Red powder
1/4 tsp of Ultramarine Pink powder
1/2 tsp of Mica Pearl White powder

For a purple-hued shimmery pink color:
1 tsp of Mica Pearl White powder
1 tsp of Ultramarine Pink powder

Or, do not add color and have a clear lip balm for any use. 

Some people add a little honey as well, for flavor. I did not.

And: Small lip balm tins


Put the beeswax, cocoa butter in a double boiler to melt it. I just put a large pot of water on the stove, and in that set a smaller pot with the ingredients, and this effectively makes a double boiler without having to buy one.

Then add in the shea butter, coconut oil, avocado oil, almond oil, and vegetable glycerine.

Melt, mix. Do not let it boil. You want to get it hot enough to mix well and liquify, but not cook the heck out of it, as if you do, you will lose properties in it.

Take it off the heat, and let it cool a little. Add in the vitamin E and all the essential oils. You can change the essential oils to others if you prefer, such as many people use Peppermint oil instead. You add in the vitamin E last as it is heat sensitive.

Now add in the powder colors you want. I have found that these will actually dissolve and mix better if I let the mixture cool a little, so that it just starts to thicken, and then with a spatula I smear and mix it, and then all the powder clumps then mix in well.

Then, just re-heat a second back in the double boiler to re-liquify it, and then pour it into your lip balm tins. It will shrink in a size just a tad once it cools, so fill it a bit more than where you want the level to be when you are done.

And, voila - beautiful lip balms!


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