Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Adopting from Colombia: Dossier Submitted!

Last May we realized that our adoption process in Ecuador was not moving forward and the agency was completely, COMPLETELY, incompetent we chose a new agency and began pursuing a concurrent adoption, but in Colombia this time.

We decided to adopt a little girl, "J", who just turned 8 years old. J is living in an orphanage near Bogota. Our Translated dossier was submitted today, which we had been collecting since last June.

In this photo you will see all our papers we had to get together. Yup, that many and more. This photo was still missing 3 that the agency adds (such as their license, etc). Yup. We had to get TWO medical exams, one for the home study, one for Colombia... a psychology exam (that had 500 questions and took 2 hours), and about every other document you can imagine. We practically had to do a cavity search!

We submitted all our documents several weeks ago for translation into Spanish, and got news on November 11th, today, that they had submitted our translated and completed dossier and application to the government of Colombia.

November 11th, coincidentally, is J's birthday as well

So, now, again, we wait... to see if they approve us, or if they want more documents.

We still do not have time-lines and do not know how, if or when ... but we are at least moving forward again...

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