Thursday, February 25, 2016

Flying to Colombia!

We got notice the end of February that we could buy our tickets to travel, and that our Encuentro would be on March 8th.
Encuentro is the day that you first get to meet your child in Colombia. It is an important day for the first meeting as that date is then called "Gotcha Day" by US adoption communities. Meaning, the day you 'got' your child, and Gotcha Day is then celebrated each year that passes, kind of like a birthday or xmas.

Packing to travel was a bit of a headach, as we had to decide what to bring. We know we will need clothes for her, and toys, and things to keep her busy playing during many weeks of waiting between court and legal appointments. We tried to bring small things, like PlayDoh, coloring books, and sticker books.

We are excited for Encuentro on March 8th. We started this process May 2015 (with a failed adoption before that one, so really we started over 3 years ago!), and now, March 2016, 10 months later, we finally get to go!!!

We have decided to stay at Zuetana, a hotel that specialized in supporting adopting families. I will tell more about it in my 'integration' post coming up...

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