Saturday, February 20, 2016

Visa to Colombia in Hand!

It has been a busy 2 months getting ready to go to Colombia.

We submitted our I800 to USCIS (US Immigration) on January 11. On February 5th USCIS said we were approved, and sent our application on to the National Visa Center, who then sends the Article 5 Letter to the US Embassy in Bogota. We cannot buy our tickets to fly to Colombia until the Article 5 Letter reaches Bogota.

The wait is hard, as now it is all just administration, and we are approved but cannot go yet. So the wait seems pointless and annoying, but we have no choice.

On February 11 we went to NYC and got our visas to travel to Colombia.

And, now, to keep us busy during the wait we decided that for Valentine's day this year we would paint the bedroom for J. It took us a couple weeks to do, as we did a border and redid the floors too. 

The orphanage sent us a list of J's favorite things. J says her favorite color is pink, and that her favorite animal is a zebra. We do not like pink and we are not fond of the idea of making girl's things pink and boy's things blue... we would normally have done her room in green or yellow, or something untraditional had she been younger. But, she is 8 years old and has her own tastes now, so if she says pink is her favorite color then I guess we will decorate her room in zebras and pink, and we will throw in some butterflies. 

And, finally, we were trying to figure out what type of art to hang. We want to hang things she would like, but, also would love to have a bit of style too. We love urban art, and decided to do a stenciled zebra on a collage, which has turned out pretty cool! And we found some great pop art of butterflies and zebras by Andy Worhol, and some urban art prints by Mosko et Associes (who are French urban artists that focus on stencil art of animals). 

So, now that her room is almost done, we are waiting to get notice that the Article 5 has reached the Embassy of bogota, and we can travel...

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